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first I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Comrades, hope your turkey eating is fruitful.

I actually Realized that I really don't post that much on this journal thing, usually cause I am to busy with other shit. But to give you an update, about a month ago I moved from the small sleepy town of Grimsby ( Grimcity ) to Oakville, which probably not much better, but Im a hell of a lot closer to the city which is a nice thing. On the work horizon, ive really started focusing on just sampole work, I have a great opportunity to get some work with a well known toy company, so all I got to do is get my samples looking good, and hopefully something good come sout of it. On the comic side of things, again I'm just focusing on doing some sample work, as well as ( if I get the balls ) a possible Zuda entry, So basically thats whats keeping me busy right now.

other then that I am always opened for comissions, and I honestly would love to get some ( it would help with rent hahaha )Im doing full out ink and watercolor peices for only 15 bucks, that includes shipping, so if you are interested, please drop me a line.

thats it for now.

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October 11, 2009


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