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So I have decided to once again come back to posting on deviantart.

Ive been working a bunch of things over the past few months,one being my new webcomic Black Grease  … was launched a few weeks ago, and I update every Wednesday with a new page, so if you like Gritty, gasoline soaked Rock & Roll westerns, then go read it!.

I also recently had my first gallery show back in January, and it went off without a hitch, I sold a bunch of peices, and got alot of interest in my work.

I'll be making a new mini comic for the con season, cause I have also decided to start doing conventions again, so I should have the comic ready for April.

well thats it.


blog :

webcomic :
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first I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Comrades, hope your turkey eating is fruitful.

I actually Realized that I really don't post that much on this journal thing, usually cause I am to busy with other shit. But to give you an update, about a month ago I moved from the small sleepy town of Grimsby ( Grimcity ) to Oakville, which probably not much better, but Im a hell of a lot closer to the city which is a nice thing. On the work horizon, ive really started focusing on just sampole work, I have a great opportunity to get some work with a well known toy company, so all I got to do is get my samples looking good, and hopefully something good come sout of it. On the comic side of things, again I'm just focusing on doing some sample work, as well as ( if I get the balls ) a possible Zuda entry, So basically thats whats keeping me busy right now.

other then that I am always opened for comissions, and I honestly would love to get some ( it would help with rent hahaha )Im doing full out ink and watercolor peices for only 15 bucks, that includes shipping, so if you are interested, please drop me a line.

thats it for now.

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So yeah I decided I'm going to try this one again.

Im going to open myself for commissions, these are full ink and watercolor on 11x14 bristol, for only 20 bucks, any character you can think of, if you are interested, please drop me a line on here via note or email ( )

for an example just check out the Green Goblin and Batman peices in my gallery, thats bascially what ya get.
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Thats right, I have three copies of my mini sketchbook left over, and well I feel like just giving these puppies away, and on top of that I will do a quick sketch on the back of it, HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG!!!, but how does this work you ask, well the first three peeps to note me with thier mailing info get it, so better hurry.

refer to blog for photos.

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sorry for the re post, just trying to get some bites

So yeah I ve decided to open myself up for some 10 buck commissions, im only going to open five slots, so if you are interested, drop me a line on here via note.

what you get for your hard earn bucks.

A single character done in watercolor and ink, this can be any character of your chosing, so like I said drop me aline via note if you are interested.
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So yeah I ve decided to open myself up for some 10 buck commissions, im only going to open five slots, so if you are interested, drop me a line on here via note.

what you get for your hard earn bucks.

A single character done in watercolor and ink, this can be any character of your chosing, so like I said drop me  aline via note if you are interested.
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Just though I would see if anyone would actaully buy something like this from me, I was planning to put a small one together this year for the fanexpo in Toronto, just to basically give out to a few people ( i.e Studios and such ) cause this year I decided to be a spectator for the first time in five years ( GONNA BE SWEET! ), but I would totally print off some more if people are interested in getting one from me., so yeah post a comment or email me at ( ), and if your going to the con, you can track me down and get one in person.

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So yeah I've decided to open myself up for commissions, but due to my work schedule, I can really just do small one character style pieces, so Basically for the price of 25 bones ( five for shipping ) you get any character of your choice done in watercolor and ink, on a 6x10 piece of 140 cold pressed watercolor paper.

I can also do bigger ones, but of course the price will be different, the other one I can offer is

9X12 at the price of 45 ( five for shipping )

so please if your interested drop me a line at label the email commission.

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I just wanted to come on and seriously thank everyone that has Faved, watched, and left comments on my profile,it means a ton to me, I've always had a major confidence problem, but seeing everone really dig my recent stuff, is awesome, so a HUGE thanks again, I promise to keep trying to post more.


also Check out my blog
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So yeah, I figured  if anyone that actually cares about my crappy art, I have a blog that I update a little more often then this place, so if ya want, check it out &nbs…;

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Well what I mean by that is, I ve made mention in a couple previous journals that Ive been working on a graphic novel pitch, over the past week or so Ive given some major thought to self publising and after sitting down with a good friend of mine ( who is in the printing biz ), Ive decided to take this route with my book, taking a que from guys I look up to, such as Paul Pope, Dave Sim, Jeff Lemire, this course seems like a good move, though it maybe tough at the begining, it may pay off in the long run ( I hope ). So my plan right now is to get the full first issue done ( Ive done about 11 of a projected 30 pages ), and I also plan to apply for the Xeric grant when this book is all said and done. I also hope to get some preview pages up in the next month, the book is kind of a cross between Mad Max, and El Mariachi, just to kind of give you an idea, so yeah, wish me luck, it's time to make comics.

So long suckers
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Yeah Im somewhat alive, Ive been pretty busy over the past couples months, doing some commision work as well as working on a graphic Novel pitch, and some other projects, so yeah, I never update, But I decided to throw up a couple pics of my workstation, just for the fun of it, and since it's the new year, I should make more of an attempt to post work on here.
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Yup so anyone who cares to find new work from me, here is where you can see some, I still plan to upload stuff here...soon....I hope, but for now check out the blog.
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Ok...I came. I saw....I took down, Ive decided to start fresh, so new art shall be on the way in the coming week.
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Well here I am with another blog on good ol deviantart.

where to start...oh yeah my Xmas break was great, it was nice seeing all my friends and Fam, did a fair bit of drawing and writting, and got some sweet DVD's, so yeah, god time had by all.

This Month I started back to school, and already Ive been bombarded with crazy assignments, so that shit is keeping really busy. One of my projects is doing a six page submission package for one of the major publsihers ( oh I forgot to mention Im in an actual comic illustration course...freakin sweet ) so since Im not a huge fan of Marvel or DC I decided to go with a dark horse character, I love Hellboy but honeslty I didn't want to choose him, so I decided to go with none other the lobster Johnson. So far Ive done some sketches of him and I think I have him down pretty good, so Im gonna jump in the pages pretty soon, so I plan to post the progress of that.

Im also working slowly on my new mini comic for the con season, I have about 5 pages of it writtin, and I hope to start the actual pages sometime soon, but school is kinda putting a halt to that, Im also teaming up with my writting prof to work on a project together, so of course I will be posting the progress of that aswell.

As for my deviantart account, well I plan to whip it clean this coming month and post some new fresh artwork, Im really proud of the work Ive been pumping out for school, so I plan revamp this whole account.

so yeah thats all I got

Well Im bored at work ( art serivce here in Grimsby ) so what the hell, why not do a jounel entry.

As for life is going pretty good, Im fighting abit of a cold right now, and Im ve been busting my ass on school shit, which is all good, cause being in a comic illustration course my home work is drawing comics, sadly though they are not my own, the pages themselve are turning out pretty good, Ive decided to toss out the primas from my pages and Im focusing more on heavy blacks rightnow , which I think bring a really nice flava to my pages. As for my new comic Slinging Ink I haven't really been able to get anything solid done for it, the script has been started, but again hasn't really been touched, but I plan to change that very soon, Im gonna start banging out more character designs, so when I can I'll post em.

and im also working on a new small B&W sketchbook called " GRITS & GRAVEY " so I'll update ya peeps on that soon

Im done, time to work

For those who don't what that means, it's an old school method of shading in the Tattoo biz...aren't I full of knowledge..hahah

why am I bring this up is that, this week Ive finally started writting the script to my up and coming comic SLINGING INK!!, this is total extreme cluster fuck comic about tattooing, and cool mystic ninja shit. there is a small, crude, and unrefined 5 page peview of slinging ink in my up and coming mini comic collection that I will be selling at the Toronto Comic con next weekend. The five pages kinda help my thought process with the whole idea in general, Ive posted a couple character designs for it on here already, so far Ive only writtin like 4 pages ( it;s a slow process people ) Im hoping to take it to atleast 25 to 30 pages, so we shall see, look for more update as they comic.

and yeah Toronto con next weekend....crazy pumped...gonna be Rad, hope to see all ya bastards there.

peace outtie
Thats right Im back from the dead once again, and Ive come with artwork, Ive posted three new pieces, with the plans to post more, so hopefulyl I actually stick to it this time, I have the Toronto Comic Con in a few weeks and I have a new mini comic to sell, so what ever is left, I plan to sell online, so I''ll prolly post some info on that be on the look out.

well it's been along time sence I posted anything here, but I plan to turn that around. In the coming months i'll be posting a fair bit of art ( i hope ) rangeing from Sketchs, pin ups, and covers, from a couple of different comics that Im working on. I recently teamed up with a couple buddies to form some sorta of comic press type thing, it's pretty much an outlet to be creative, and produce our mini comics and other cool things. I also plan to start up my own site in the near future, that will be just for the mini comics I produce such as NOISE, and a few other ones I have on the back burner, but for now this Devart account will be my site I guess. So keep checking back every so often, for some updates till then.